Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Plumbing Tips You Need To Know

We're all plumbing experts aren't we? Well, I know most men at least think so. Sure fixing a running toilet is easy to diagnose and repair. But even then, an attempted DIY project to fix the leaky faucet that goes wrong could lead to time consuming and costly repairs.

Here are a few basic things we as homeowners should all know, and consider when it comes to small plumbing issues:

  • Know where your water shut off is.
  • Always check for leaks!
  • Have spare parts available, including plumbing tape.
  • Don't overtighten your pipes and fittings!
  • Try a plunger first.
  • Don't over use liquid cleaner.
  • Don't puncture your pipes! Duh.
Obviously some of these aspects are pretty self explanatory. But according to some plumber Allen TX experts, a good portion of their smaller repair jobs are actually to fix a problem that the homeowner tried themselves and created a larger issue.

Simple things like knowing what you should and shouldn't flush down the toilet can go a long way to avoiding issue (even though you can't avoid when the kids flush a car down).

And in today's age, there are plenty of articles (like this) and YouTube videos to provide insight and instructions to perform basic repairs. It may be worth investing in tools and supplies like a wet-dry vacuum so you are prepared for anything.

Most importantly, don't ignore any leaks! Even the basic faucet leak can cause more damage, and of course can significantly impact your water bill if the leak is left dripping for a long period of time. Make sure you are ready ahead of time, but if there's the slightest hesitation in starting a DIY plumbing project, go ahead and call the local plumber!

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Fancy Design Costs? Or SEO?

Just yesterday I had another friend proudly post his new re-designed website for his business on social media. As he should, it was a very professional site. Complete with everything he or anyone could want for a business. Except one wasn't ranking on Google.

One thing that we sometimes forget, if you have a really nice website but nobody can find it...what purpose is it serving?

Businesses will be different, industries and niches will be different in terms of the purpose of a website. But predominantly the point is to attract customers and gain new business. And the main way to do that is by grabbing those customers that are locally searching for a business just like yours. This is what we call a "buyer intent keyword" and is what you need to be ranked for in order to get those extra phone calls and new clients.

But again that isn't done on design. Sure a better designed site will help keep your customers on the site, and should provide better content on than your competitors. But if you are truly committed to the task, you'll need to invest in SEO.

There are plenty of opinions on the different types of SEO that can and should be done. But everyone agrees that there is a process, and a combination of factors that Google looks for in order to rank your site higher than the next. Content is and will always be king, and there is both onsite and offsite SEO work that has to be done. When Google sees that other sites are pushing their power to's a big step for you.

Before investing hundreds if not thousands on a website build, consider using most of that budget towards SEO. We have trusted friends with Plano SEO that have told us the same, contact your local agency or marketer for tips and ideas. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

Gutter Cleaning...A Forgotten Necessity

 We all know that the roof of a home is a vital aspect of your property. Probably because they are so expensive so it's always on our mind when a storm comes through. It's of course important to monitor  your roof for damage, but it's just as important to check your gutters and have them properly cleaned to avoid other issues.

The main purpose of a gutter system is to collect and funnel water off of the roof, and guide it away from the house and other objects below. Homes without proper gutters will see soil erosion due to the amount of water coming off of the roof in the same continuous spot. The longer this happens, the greater the chance of having foundation issues and other structural damages to your home. Especially those that live in area where it is common to have a basement. 

The downfall to gutters, is that they can easily get clogged from leaves and branches. Even if you have gutter guards, it's not going to 100% prevent it from possibly clogging. And with anything, a clog can turn into an issue.

Cleaning a gutter can be both a forgotten need, and a time consuming task. Gutters San Antonio and other roofing services normally provide both gutter installations and gutter cleanings. Areas where it freezes can also cause issues with frozen water that weigh down your gutters.

So remember, always check your gutters. You're better off spending the time to occasionally bring out the ladder to check for damages and clogs. Contact your local roofing company to see if they can quickly come out for a roof inspection along with a gutter cleaning!

Plumbing Tips You Need To Know

We're all plumbing experts aren't we? Well, I know most men at least think so. Sure fixing a running toilet is easy to diagnose and ...